Blonde Ambition Platinum Elite Collection - Best classic DVD at AVN awards in Vegas?

Tue, 2011-01-04 04:59

Yes, it is that time of year again, the AVN show and of course the AVN awards. This is where the industry( or what is left of it) gathers in Vegas for what used to be the greatest time of the year, hands down. But in spite of the attendance being poor over the past few years, the show must go on.

After being disgusted in the past with the obvious '"ad for award" mentality that many companies have with AVN, we stopped nominating anything and now we just sort of take it lightly, but in spite of that attitude, our Platinum Elite Collection of the Amero Brother's classic, 'Blonde Ambition' was nominated. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this release is not only the most awesome of this past year, but when listed among the other releases that were nominated, one can see how Distribpix/Video-X-Pix has just stepped over the competition.

When I see the other movies that are up for awards and I compare them to the Blonde Ambition: Platinum Elite Collection-2 Disc set, that is up for an award, I notice things like, where is the films, historically- written liner note book?  Why is that from a poor video source? and the quality looks horrible? What did they do to make the release better? Did they spend any money on the box art? What extras are included? Are there video/audio commentaries from producers or directors, or actors? Did the company do anything to preserve the classic? And, I always come up with the same question to myself...which is how the fuck can we not get the award for the best classic DVD.

Well, I sent out 30 screeners, all over the US and other countries, as instructed by AVN. I did my part and the voters got my packages...I wonder if they feel the same way??

I mean there is no comparison, and I am not dogging on anyone, I am just stating fact, plain and simple, do the physical breakdown. Our DVD release is head and shoulders above all the rest in the category for this year and if AVN is going to award a company for taking a video from the 70's or 80s and slapping it onto a DVD with no extras or nothing of value added, than they should seriously consider changing the curriculum of the classic DVD re-issue category.

On a side note about this project, it was very wonderful to work with John Amero and we all had such a great time meeting and doing the commentary and we have become friendly. In fact, he had so much fun that he insisted that we do another project, so recently we completed an amazingly fact -filled audio commentary for " Every Inch A  Lady" and "Dynamite", which will be a double-feature, future release. We met right before Christmas for drinks and he was so thankful and excited about the news of the AVN nomination for "Blonde Ambition".

Good Luck John, you deserve it!!!