Tigresses (1979)

Tigresses DVD
Tigresses DVD

A four-segment film whose one uniting theme is women who sexually dominate men, Tigresses appropriately stars Ms. Vanessa Del Rio and the legendary Samantha Fox. The Puerto Rican love goddess Vanessa plays a woman who manipulates men by pretending she can only speak Spanish. This may seem a bit of a stretch until one realizes the amount of body language required to communicate without a common tongue, and until one ponders the amazing things Vanessa can do with her body. Later Samantha Fox beats a couple of guys in a swimming race, then at hand ball, and then takes them to bed and orders them around there. An erotic treat.
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 90 Minutes
Starring : Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Rikki O'Neal, Jill Monroe, The Sloan Twins

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