The Seka Double Feature - 2 Pack (2010)

The Seka Double Feature ( Inside Seka and Careful)

Inside Seka…… starring Seka, Ron Jeremy, Merle Michaels, George Payne, Marc Valentine, Ron Hudd

Careful He May Be Watching…..starring Seka, Kay Parker, Kay Parker, Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner and Richard Pacheco

Seka, also known as the Platinum Princess, was one of the most prolific porn starlets of all time. This Special Edition, Double Feature DVD, contains 2 of Seka’s most popular films of all time…Inside Seka and Careful He May Be Watching.
Inside Seka, shot in 1980, is a hot and kinky look into the life of Seka. She demonstrates her enthusiasm for sex by fucking, not only her real life husband, Ken Yontz, but at least 20 other lucky people. Ron Jeremy also sucks his cock for the very first time in this perfect example of NYC, 80’s porn, shot by sexploitation veteran Joseph Sarno. This is considered on of the top 10 classic of all time.
Careful He May Be Watching is a hot and steamy tale of Jane Smith, who at night is a happily married housewife. But during the day, when her husband(Mike Horner) is at work, she becomes, Molly Flame, The X-rated superstar, who will do anything for the camera. Things get mighty complicated for Jane/Molly, as you might expect.




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