A Scent of Heather (1981)

A Scent of Heather DVD
 A Scent of Heather DVD

"100% An Erotic Masterpiece" - Al Goldstien
Most erotic expressions are natural and pleasurable ... Sometimes even scandalous... Hers are unthinkable!
A Scent Of Heather's story line traces the sexual awakening of Heather (Veronica Heart), a tasty young virgin who leaves her convent to join in an arranged marriage with Frederick (Paul Thomas), a gardener's son. Much of this awakening is induced by Heather's lecherous Aunt Phyllis (played by Lisa Bee, an extremely voluptuous new-comer), who tells Heather about some, if not all, of the mysteries of lust. However, the newlyweds are soon told that they are in fact brother and sister and therefore cannot consummate their union, which leads to all sorts of bizarre perversions and debauchery with a host of horny supporting characters.
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 99 Minutes
Starring : Veronica Heart, Vanessa del Rio, Jessica Teal, Lisa Bee, Richard Bolla, Tracy Adams, Christine Ford, Paul Thomas

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