Pink Clam (1986)

Pink Clam DVD
Pink Clam DVD

Nancy and Paula own a house in Brooklyn. When the girls are visited by Nancy's cousin Antonia, the delicate balance of the household is thrown into a new and unsettling sexual fervor! Antonia starts by brazenly having sex with the delivery boy, and then aggressively bringing Paula into bed with her!

Paula is smitten with guilt, and she is so ashamed that she confesses to Nancy about her wild experience making love to Antonia... The whirlwind continues awhen a stud named Bob drops by to visit. The girls all want him and they all have him! When Antonia realizes she has worn out her welcome, she packs her bags and leaves for home.
Running Time : 85 Minutes
Starring : Siobhan Hinter, Annette Heinz, Vana Paymore, Nina Preta, Alan Adrian, Bobby Spector, Michael Knight
Studio : Video X Pix

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