Maraschino Cherry (1978)

 Maraschino Cherry DVD
 Maraschino Cherry DVD


Starring High Society's Gloria Leonard

Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world's oldest profession. Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients all the traditional forms of sex. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons is what adult film is all about. Later, she moves on to such lessons as the proper binding and beating techniques for clients who prefer their pleasures with a touch of S&M. A well-done tribute to bought pleasure in all of its forms
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 83 Minutes
Starring : Constance Money, Leslie Bovee, Gloria Leonard, Annette Haven, Jenny Baxter, Susan McBain, C.J. Lang, Wade Nichols, Eric Edwards, Alan Marlow, Conchita Costello, Michael Gaunt, Clea Carson, Crystal Sync, Loren Michaels, Jenny Lind

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