The Love-In Arrangement (1981)

The Love-In Arrangement DVD
The Love-In Arrangement DVD

The erotic story of couple's torrid relationships and live-in arrangement!

This is the erotic story of a couple's torrid relationships and the resulting breakup of their live-in arrangement. Dolly Lee and Lenny Morgan converge in a courtroom where Dolly fights to obtain "wifely" recognition. Their relationship is exposed in a series of vivid flashbacks. We see Lenny, a famous comic, living a star-studded life in a world of clubs, parties, and wild women, and Dolly, for her part, enjoys the attentions of Lenny's manager. In court, it comes to this:

How well does Dolly perform her wifely duties? Can she fulfill the needs of seemingly insatiable husband? And if so, what does this entitle her to? These, and other titillating questions are explicitly answered in one of the hottest and most delectable sex comedies!
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 72 Minutes
Starring : Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Merle Michaels, Carole Cat, Arcadia Lake, & Rick Everson
Studio : Video X Pix

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