The Little Oral Annie Collection (2008)

The Little Oral Annie Collection DVD
The Little Oral Annie Collection DVD

Little Oral Annie is possibly the most underrated performer in the history of classic adult cinema. She had quite the talent and passion for sucking cock. Actually, we feel that she is by far, the "ORAL QUEEN" and in the past she has been referred to as the "CINDERELLA OF ORAL SEX".

She was a true pioneer and re-inventor of the Blow job, and she gave the meaning of "giving head", a whole new definition. Annie blew away the competition and she gave a new meaning to the term "DEEPTHROAT". Annie was never shy about performing in front of the camera, she is actually well known for her hard-core, sexual monologues, especially when she is giving a blow job. She loves to look into the camera and talk about sucking and fucking, and she is definitely a dirty little whore.

In this exclusive collection, Video-X-Pix, opens it's vault of classic scenes and mini shorts, in order to bring you the best of Little Oral Annie. In this DVD, we see Little Oral Annie enjoy cock, pussy and ass. Annie is more than happy to share all of her warm and wet holes with studs like Jerry Butler, Bobby Astyr and George Payne. Annie loves to eat pussy and get fucked, simultaneously.

This collection also has tons of Lesbian filled action, as Annie teams up with her starlet counterparts Danielle, Kelly Nichols, Rhonda Jo Petty, Taija Rae and many more. Annie is a sex addict, as she explains throughout this DVD. She loves group sex, she loves to 69, and she loves hot anal sex, and she will go down in history as the one of the most amazing cock suckers of all time!!!

This is a must see, for any true collector of golden age material.

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