The John Holmes Collection (2008)

The John Holmes Collection DVD
The John Holmes Collection DVD

Certainly one of the most controversial and possibly the most influential male adult performer of all time, John Holmes is in a category all his own. His good looks, smooth attitude, and ability to act combined with the fact the he was one of the most endowed male performers of all time, being measured at over 12"! 

During the seventies and eighties, he was branded "Johnny Wadd" echoing his on-screen persona. He had sex with hundreds of women during the "true golden age of porn" and much of it was captured on film. The adult arena became home, for John, but it also became his downfall. He did work hard in the porn industry, but he partied harder, and through much of his porn years he was involved heavily with drugs and other illegal activities, which inevitably led to his involvement in one of the most famous murders of all time, the Wonderlad murders.

This DVD is a collection of some of the best adult scenes with John Holmes, from the days of 35mm. A must have for any true collector of golden age material.

Starring: Annette Haven, Tiffany Clark, Desiree West

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