The Four X Feeling (1986)

The Four X Feeling DVD
The Four X Feeling DVD

Come and experience the ultimate orgasm... Come and find out why...

John Leslie (as himself) the sex superstar come to New York City for a vacation. He will be staying at his good friends (Jerry Butler) apartment. He picks up a girl (Sheer Delight) he meets on the plane and takes her over to his buddy's pad. They arrive just as she is leaving for work. The hot session they have nearly burns up the screen!

The fellows decide to produce their own - X rated video. John, the seasoned veteran, tells jerry about the "old days" when they would shoot "One Day Wonder's. They are sure that they will make money and probably get laid. To celebrate, they spare no expense and order a pizza. The girl from the plane would be a perfect starlets. She comes over to her interview with her hot and horny girl friend (Amber Lynn). These girls are very thoroughly "interviewed" by both John and Jerry.

The big day of shooting arrives and the boys have found their leading man (Alan Adrian) who is slightly burned out. But manages to rise to the occasion!!! The day's shooting is a success, with loads of hot action in the can ... and in the girls.

Bonus Features

  • Classic Slidshow
  • Ron Jeremy Interview
  • Classic Trailers
  • Annie Sprinkle Intro
  • VXP Demo

 Running Time : Full Length

Starring : Amber Lynn, John Leslie, Jerry Butler, Sheer Delight, Alan Adrian

Studio : Video X Pix

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