Ecstasy In Blue (1976)

Ecstasy In Blue
Ecstasy In Blue

Directed by Armond Weston in 1976, this film has funny dialogue and great cinematography that really is a pleasure to watch. Manny (Marc Stevens, who is famous for his 10 1/2 inch rod), is the leader of his own cult of women who worship his giant cock. He is an eccentric and depraved man in search of ecstasy. His assistant, Charley (Bobby Astyr), must find acolytes for him, and his magnificent tool, he has little difficulty. There is a throbbing pace and so much penetrating inside this film, it will blow your mind to ecstasy!
Running Time : 85 Minutes
Starring : Annie Sprinkle, CJ Laing, Crystal Sync, Terri Hall, Bobby Astyr, Eric Edwards, Jeffrey Hurst, and Marc "10 1/2" Stevens
Studio : Video X Pix

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