Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle: Platinum Elite Collection 3 Disc Set (2010)

The Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle Exhibit
The Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle Exhibit

In the Fall of 2008, Distribpix/Video-X-Pix, was approached by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, to be a part of there anniversary celebration. For the event we decided to commemorate the 1982 XXX blockbuster, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle. The event coincided with the release of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle:Platinum Elite Collection 3 Disc Set.

For the exhibit, we approached every aspect of the film that we would be able to re-visit and display in some form, so that a mass audience can understand and appreciate. Our goal was to give people an idea of the importance of filmmaking in the golden age of erotica, sort of the celebration of the moving picture.

The exhibit was mutli-media, combining a video monitor, a glass case full of archival material from the film and wall mounted images.

Some of the items that are part of the exhibit are the orignal contracts, shooting schedules, receipts from the shoot, headshots, some of Annie's lingerie from the film, some original soundtracks, music/recording contracts, lifesize post-up stands of Annie Sprinkle, Blown-up production stills, and wall mounted liner notes for the film. A large flat screen monitor to view the film/video commentary with Annie, adds to the feel!!

We took an assortment of photos from the exhibit which was in the museum for 6 months. The exhibit was then on display in a friends loft for a few months and it was recently taken down. The entire exhibit is in my warehouse in NJ and is now availbale and looking for a temporary or even permanent home, preferablly a sex museum, or a venue in which there is a celebration of the erotic moving picture. It really is a wonderful exhibit and not many companies have this sort of archive of physical material, that can be used to create such wonderful exhibits. We can create exhibits for almost anything realted to the golden age of erotic filmmaking, from the equipment, to the films, to the cast/crew!

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