Blonde Goddess (1982)

 Blonde Goddess DVD
 Blonde Goddess DVD

An erotic climax to the 20th century!

Jonathan Ford is a comic book artist who escapes his boring life and abusive boss by retreating into a fantasy world in which he is an intrepid explorer, a World War I fighter ace or a macho space traveler. What unites all of his fantasies is a preoccupation with the Blonde Goddess, an exotic, erotic entity whose physical beauty is matched only by her potent sexuality and scathing boinking abilities. Susanna Britton is Ford's fantasy woman, and her performance is mesmerizing. Also winning top honors is Loni Sanders who is featured here as a wonderfully erotic space traveler.
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 82 Minutes
Starring : Jonathan Ford, Jane Kelton, Jacqueline Lorians, Matt West, Loni Sanders, Susanna Britton, Misty Regan, Heather Young, Nicole Scent, Tamara West, Ron Jeremy, Mike Feline, Stephen Evans

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