Blonde Ambition (1981)

Blonde Ambition DVD
Blonde Ambition DVD

If you loved "Deep Throat" and "Singing in the rain" You're gonna love... Blonde Ambition
BLONDE AMBITION is the ultimate sexual extravaganza. It is the story of two British sweeties (Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon), who are known as Sugar and Candy Kane, travel around the world performing the worst vaudeville act in show business history. Their sexual misadventures include a porno version of 'Gone With The Wind' the seduction of a homosexual, a noisy tryst in the back of an airliner, and masquerading as drag queens New York's Greenwich Village. Filmed in America and in Europe, this movie has it all, beautiful women, and of course plenty of sex!

The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 86 Minutes
Starring : Suzy Mandel, Dory Devon, Patricia Dale, Eric Edwards, Jeanne Joseph, Molly Malone, Kurt Mann, George Payne, Tara Belles

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