Bad Penny (1978)

Bad Penny DVD
Bad Penny DVD

Samantha Fox has troubles galore when in order to inherit a sizable fortune, she must solve a riddle her father left for her. The riddle is What is French, turns on at night and gives good crown? Samantha is gorgeous but not especially bright, and to solve the riddle is going to take all of the brain waves she can muster. Making things even harder is her nasty aunt Celeste, who will get the money if Samantha can't solve the riddle. When Samantha hears that her uncle in New York might be able to help, she goes of to find him and ends up undertaking an odyssey through a plush Big Apple swingers club. An amusing, very arousing adult comedy!!

Year: 1978

Director: Chuck Vincent
The Finest in Adult Entertainment
Running Time : 83 Minutes
Starring : Samantha Peterson, Molly Malone, Kurt Mann, Roger Cain

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