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A Scent of Heather (1980)

Taking its cue from Luigi Comencini's 1974 arthouse hit Till Marriage Do Us Part starring luscious Laura Antonelli, this porno period piece is one of the more ambitious adult films on record.

The Love Bus (1974)

Although Shaun Costello would be the first to adopt a critical stance towards his own work, the alias of "Oscar Tripe" should in no way reflect perceived poor quality on the handful of freewheeling fornicatory farces attached to it, amongst which his notorious salvage job Teenage Nurses (previously Doug Collins' monumentally misguided An American in Bethesda

Blonde in Black Silk (1979)

Easily the most conventionally constructed carnal caper from Bill Milling's artistically ambitious "Philip (T.) Drexler (Jr.)" period, Blonde in Black Silk still scores as a splendid showcase for the sexual and thespian talents of superstar Serena, not as common an occurence as one might be led to believe.  While well-documented personal predilections towards sub

Honeypie (1975)

Taking a page out of Webster's Dictionary of Porno Parlance, a "loop" is a 10 to 20 minute reel of hardcore footage, spliced end to end and placed within a large circular contraption so it could be run indefinitely as well as automatically in peepshow booths without the need for time-robbing reel changes, rewinding or any disturbing human intervention at all while patrons were salivat

Anything That Moves (1992)

The second and most overlooked of only three 35mm films made by late legendary adult actor turned director John Leslie before he turned his back on plot-based porn altogether in favor of seemingly neverending but highly profitable "gonzo" series like Fresh Meat, Voyeur and Crack Her Jack.

Irresistible (1982)

Reluctant to revisit their explicit exploits to this day, the team in life as well as labor of Edwin and Summer Brown crafted several of the more successful attempts at the so-called "couples film", that mythical beast born to break down barriers between the sexes.

Blonde Goddess (1982)

Becoming "Bill Eagle" for the remainder of his carnally creative career, Bill Milling bid a fond farewell to plot in this transitional title combining the cream of styles old and new.  Mixing the narrative density of his "Philip T.

A Coming of Angels (1977)

Imagine, if you will, an unholy hybrid of that fluffiest of '70s TV cop shows and French New Wave cinema. Now people it with some of the finest adult film stars of the time, feel free to substitute "ever" at this point, and you just may get the inkling of an idea of this movie's unique look and feel. Then again, maybe not...

Felicia (1975)

Longtime admirers of each other's achievements, equatorially challenged erotic entrepreneurs Max Pécas and Radley Metzger finally joined forces in 1975 with former funding latter's awesome adaptation of Catherine Robbe-Grillet's pseudonymously penned (as "Jean de Berg") S&M romance The Image through his Paris-based production facility Les Films du Griffon.&

Joy (1977)

On the surface a raucous rape reversal satire pushing back boundaries even in a decade not particularly known for political correctness, Joy has a far more serious agenda bubbling barely below, fueling the ongoing sex versus violence debate in truly transgressive fashion.  "Harley Mansfield" (as in Harley Davidson and Jayne Mansfield, an unlikely if characteristi