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The Autobiography of a Flea (1976)

After expanding their erotic exploits to epic proportions with the ill-fated Sodom and Gomorrah, the notorious (and ultimately tragic) Mitchell Brothers continued their bid for mainstream acceptance with this lavishly mounted - no pun intended - adaptation of the illustrious Victorian novella, like so many of its ilk published anonymously as the 19th century drew to a close.

Virgin Snow (1976)

Something of a hybrid between the happy go lucky silliness Bill Milling adopted whenever working as "Dexter Eagle" (as per spirited spy spoof Blonde Velvet and crazy cult caper Ecstasy in Blue) and his more serious thematic concerns as "Philip Drexler Jr.", Virgin Snow shapes up as an accurately observed soc

Make Mine Metzger : Paris Porno (1974-1978)

Although technically he had already dabbled in the explicit arena with Score and The Image, softcore maestro Radley Metzger adopted the pseudonym "Henry Paris" (expressing his undying love for the City of Lights in no uncertain terms) for a mere five fullfleged hardcore endeavors, all of which are considered true classics of their kind and will be rel

Sex Drive (1985)

Halfway through the '80s, as house lights were turned on all across the nation after decades of minimal employment and once thriving porno palaces faced foreclosure and the probable prospect of demolition, reigning royal of fuck flicks Chuck Vincent took a final stand in the face of adult entertainment's extinction as a communally enjoyed experience with a goodbye batch of four explicit endeavo

Getting Personal (1985)

One of the last really good 35mm movies made by the late Ron Sullivan before he descended into interchangeable shot on video inferno, the relentlessly downbeat Getting Personal feels forged from the same fabric as Andy Warhol's Paul Morrisey trilogy (chronologically : Flesh, Trash and Heat) as it focuses exclusively on the dead

Little Girls Blue (1978)

Schoolgirl skinflicks are a dime a dozen and this classic proves the cream of an unwieldy crop.

Slippery When Wet (1976)

Even though technically he already got his hardcore bearings by directing 1973's at the time unattributed Sleepyhead and the following year's A Touch of Genie (which still played most venues in a watered down version though), simulated skinflick Maestro Joe Sarno didn't really take the porno plunge until 1976 when the homegrown grindhouse marke

Her Name Was Lisa (1979)

The first explicit sex film, made by the late Roger Watkins of Last House on Dead End Street notoriety as his adult alter ego "Richard Mahler", may appear the most conventional of an admittedly idiosyncratic lot, followed as it was by such cryptic puzzlers as Midnight Heat, the Wagner-inspired Corruption and American Babylon

Secrets of a Willing Wife (1980)

The housewife finding fornicatory fulfilment once she has been relieved of the demands placed upon her by an errant husband has been a staple ingredient of sex cinema since day one, usually played straight with the concerned commitment of its instigators supplying the socially redeeming value required to excuse evolving explicitness, so expertly spoofed by Radley Metzger in The Private

The Affairs of Janice (1976)

Forever in search of an outlet for his artistic creativity, the late "Zebedy Colt" – born Edward Earle Marsh on the cusp of the financially dire 1930s – led a life that was charmed in its own uniquely twisted way, fulfilling deeply personal ambitions that might not even occur to minds more conventional than his own.