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The Passions of Carol (1975)

Although the video era would yield the occasional seasonal fuck film favorite such as Jim Enright's endearingly cheesy A Little Christmas Tail or John T.

Centerfold Fever (1981)

Like all great inventions that have facilitated mankind's further existence, Richard Mailer's recipe for perfect porn proved almost deceptively simple.  Take lots of pretty people.  Put them in permutations of two, three and well beyond, the more the merrier.  Turn them loose so they can cheerfully screw each other's brains out, occasionally oblivious to your fly on the wall came

Society Affairs (1982)

The last of the really big budget collaborations between producer Ted Paramore (a/k/a "Harold Lime") and director Gary Graver (a/k/a "Robert McCallum") before the recession set in, paving the way for a string of progressively scaled down sex sagas like Satisfactions, Summer Camp Girls and Sex Play as a form

A Little Christmas Tail (1991)

Tis the season to be jolly, so here's a sweet little stocking stuffer of a slightly different stripe !

SexWorld (1978)

With its veritable constellation of carnal superstars, unusually sensitive scripting and ongoing onslaught of award caliber couplings, SexWorld could conceivably lay claim to being the best adult film ever produced.  The movie was publicized rather gimmickily at its initial theatrical release as an albeit unofficial third instalment completing the hokey sci fi theme park t

Honeymoon Haven (1977)

Second perhaps only to the likes of Shaun Costello when it came to making the most out of a modest budget, Carter Stevens had been tirelessly toiling in the trenches since adult's earliest days (1972's The Collegiates with Kim Pope and Harry Reems marking his moviemaking debut) before hitting the comparative big time by decade's end, leaving a string of somewhat lavishly produc

Pandora's Mirror (1981)

Personal best of Shaun Costello's comparatively big budget period as "Warren Evans" with Hot Dreams being the only serious competition, Pandora's Mirror also stands as the most accomplished Twilight Zone type adult film ever made.  It achieves a perfectly sustained eeriness right from its entrancing opening frame

Ring of Desire (1981)

Ted Roter a/k/a "Peter (sometimes Pierre) Balakoff" was a peculiar man. Born in Brussels in 1930 to Jewish parents, he was tragically orphaned during the war. He survived in a refugee camp where the acting bug bit him.

Wild Things 1 & 2 (1985-86)

As the genre's theatrical era was drawing to a close, porn pioneer Alex de Renzy – who exploited San Francisco's Screening Room theater in the early '70s and all but cornered the Bay Area's contemporary adult businesses along with the Mitchell Brothers – came full circle, returning to the short subjects ("loops" being the correct industry term) that had jumpstarted his car

Camille 2000 (1969)

Before his walk on the walk side of sexploitation's murky territories as "Henry Paris", expertly transforming what could have been potentially shameful into transcendentally sublime over the course of five fabulous fuck films that Video-X-Pix is currently commemorating with beautifully restored multi-disc DVD editions packed with amazing additions, Radley Metzger was already one of th