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Erotic Pleasures (1976)

Making the transition from stylish softcore fodder like The Swinger and Marianne's Temptations to unexpurgated explicitness, by choice as much as economic necessity as he would insist until his untimely death from cancer at the mere age of 60, Francis Leroi was justifiably proud of his hardcore endeavors, usually signing them under his real name (though he woul

Cry for Cindy (1976)

Though the couples film craze didn't properly take off until the early '80s, when they were massively hyped and promptly died (at least in terms of quality), this subgenre has been present in embryonic form since the dawn of theatrical porn, specifically starting with the Mitchell Brothers' classic Behind the Green Door in 1972.

L'Amour (1984)

Marga Aulbach, who had successfully produced Anthony Spinelli's indelible 1981 classic The Dancers as "Michele Ames", attempted to corner the couples film market in a more creative capacity for which she had the good sense to accept the assistance of Jack Remy.

Zazel : The Scent of Love (1997)

On the surface just another attempt by a rival porn production company – in this case Metro – to ape the sophisticated style of Playboy photographer turned pornographer Andrew Blake, the award-showered Zazel far surpassed its source of inspiration, courtesy of the presence of a true artist rather than a pale imitator behind the cameras.

Games Women Play (1980)

This elegant erotic comedy of expertly disguised bad manners stands as one of the late Chuck Vincent's most accomplished achievements, quite different in tone in fact from his other work which was divided between opposing ends of laugh out loud farce and heavy drama.

The Complete Rubdown : Matching the Masseuses (1990-2004)

Frequently accoladed by crossover adult movie repertories as the perfect pick to nudge your significant other from simulation to penetration, it almost seems unfair to rigidly confine former performer Paul Thomas' groundbreaking Masseuse to the porno genre, even though containing elements which inevitably place it in that category.

Infinitely Insatiable : Memories of Marilyn Chambers

When Marilyn Chambers was found dead in the Spring of 2009 at the Los Angeles mobile home pecuniary problems had recently forced her to move into, mainstream media's approach accorded the obituary mere footnote status, painfully stressing the ongoing chasm between popular entertainment and the pornographic variation thereof.  Shuffling off this mortal coil little over a week before turning

An Act of Confession (1972)

The Holy Grail for many hardcore aficionados, the late Sam Weston's An Act of Confession (which is its on-screen title, although several sources erroneously reference it in plural) ultimately proves more interesting for sheer obscurity and what it a tad clumsily attempts rather than fully achieves.

Emmanuelle (1974)

Though generally regarded as an outdated artifact these days, the importance of the original Emmanuelle and its effects on erotic cinema (extending to this very day) cannot be overstated. Deep Throat dragged hardcore out of its storefront, mini theater ghetto and made porno chic.

Babylon Pink (1979)

Howard Winters a/k/a "Cecil Howard" remains one of the finest erotic filmmakers that ever lived, with a track record that includes the lofty likes of Neon Nights, Scoundrels and the seriously soapy Firestorm trilogy.