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Compulsion (2003)

While it would be tempting to view Compulsion as a settling of the score between hot shot junior porn purveyor Axel Braun and his illustrious dad Lasse, in a former life actually a member of Italian aristocracy named Alberto Ferro, the accompanying making of sheds a vastly different light on the movie's genesis.

American Desire (1981)

Born into Italian aristocracy in Algeria back when it was still part of the French colonial empire, freethinking Alberto Ferro diverted from his mapped out destiny in international diplomacy in a big way.  Reinventing himself as self-proclaimed Euro Porn King "Lasse Braun" because of the genre's Scandinavian connection, he set up shop in Denmark at the dawn of dirty movi

Sexual Heights (1981)

Throughout the Sixties and Seventies, the much maligned Carlos Tobalina successfully ran several of the more upscale California porno palaces, most famously LA's fabled Mayan Theater, shooting many of his self-proclaimed erotic "epics" on the premises, an anonymous stretch of beach frequently doubling for the exotic locations promised by poster and title, for instanc

Abigail Lesley is Back in Town (1975)

In the early Spring of 2010, filmmaker Joe Sarno quietly passed away, stranded just before the cusp of his 90th birthday.  No stranger to anyone regularly perusing any of the Distribpix websites, he left behind a legacy of accomplished adult efforts on both sides of the explicit fence.

I Like to Watch (1982)

Paul Vatelli passed away from an AIDS-related illness in 1986, aged just 33, with his wife joining him in death from comparable causes eight years after, sadly leaving their teenaged son and daughter to be raised through social services even though during his brief lifespan their dad had made a considerable bundle for some of the adult industry's leading companies who shall remain nameless

French Shampoo (1975)

Bill Milling's inaugural triumvirate already represented the divergent facets he was to explore and elaborate upon throughout his copious career as fornication filmmaker.  All from 1975, When a Woman Calls delved into relationships with both sensitivity and searing sensuality, Oriental Blue (arguably his first movie to deserve the moniker of masterpiece) w

Silky (1980)

Although theatrically screened hardcore movies had reached a previously (and perhaps even subsequently) unheard of level of narrative sophistication by the late '70s, there would always be room for well-crafted wall to wall sexathons that casually and very carnally dispensed with the need for any motivation to get the action going.  Call it adult without the alibi, be it artistic or dramat

That Lady From Rio (1976)

Wanting more of the same at half the cost, as was their wont, the mostly mob-affiliated moguls that ran the Times Square porno playhouses pressed the dependable Shaun Costello into duty to come up with a sequel to Bill Milling's Oriental Blue which had netted them mucho dinero the year before.  Since his directorial debut (as "Helmuth Richler") with 1973

Bang Bang (You Got It!) (1976)

Chuck Vincent indulged his silly side with this adult spin on TV's Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, the insanely popular skit show that had recently gone off the air following a fertile five year run between 1968 and 1973.  With its mix of absurd sight and sound gags, broad swipes at politics and current affairs, doused with a good dose of then risqué sexual inuendo,

Afternoon Delights (1980)

Seasoned Shaun Costello had inaugurated his "Warren Evans" pseudonym with 1979's ironically seldom seen Sunny in a bid for the comparatively big budgets which had eluded him throughout most of his career so far but now proved just around the corner with the likes of Beauty, Hot Dreams and his screen sex swansong Heave