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Hot Blooded (1985)

Angel was one of a handful of absolutely gorgeous '80s adult starlets forever taken to task by smut cinema scribes for sleepwalking through her sex scenes, along with the likes of Taboo American Style's scheming seductress Raven and the succulent Stacey Donovan.  Drawing the distinction between our girl and the latter two, whose bedside manner I would desc

The Devil in Miss Jones, Part 2 (1982)

Hard to imagine in these sequel-infested times that it took more than a decade for a follow-up to Gerard Damiano's seminal Devil in Miss Jones to materialize. An even bigger surprise perhaps is that this second installment, albeit radically different in tone, matches its illustrious predecessor every step of the way.

Behind the Green Door (1972)

1972 was of course the year that porno briefly became "Chic", entirely due to a triumvirate of films that have lost little of their iconic stature a full four decades further down the line.

Ecstasy in Blue (1976)

Still reaping the rewards from his acclaimed early explicit endeavors, 1975's double whammy of When a Woman Calls and Oriental Blue, the outwardly unflappable Bill Milling went on to indulge his inner jester with a set of happy go lucky fuck film farces made under the moniker of "Dexter Eagle".  French Shampoo

Hot Dreams (1983)

The last really good adult film made by longtime ruler of the roost Shaun Costello, unfortunately followed by his insipid skinflick swan song Heaven's Touch, an uncharacteristically tired rehash of the 1978 Warren Beatty blockbuster Heaven Can Wait.  Costello had made the seamless transition from '70s "Russ Carlson" roug

Brandy and Alexander (1991)

Romantic comedy requires a delicate balance between the hopefully engaging interpersonal chemistry of its enamored leads and a frothy playfulness that's lighter than air. Such recipe rarely mixes well with the requirements of hardcore humping which traditionally foregrounds fornication over the more elusive aspects of mutual attraction.

The Taking of Christina (1975)

Underrated adult auteur Armand Weston's follow-up to his groundbreaking Defiance (of Good), this no less impressive rape 'n' revenge flick marks the filmmaker's entire exploration of "roughie" territory along with its predecessor, both co-written or "conceived" as a slightly pretentious opening credit would have it and produced by stalwart

Sweetheart (1976)

For all that is actually known about either one of them, IAFD (that's the Internet Adult Film Database for the few remaining Internet ignorant carnal connoisseurs among you) may very well be correct in assuming that director "Bo Koup" and his regular and equally elusive producer Larry Windsor are one and the same person.  Fact is that "their

In the Pink (1983)

As Bill Milling entered the latter stage of his fornication filmography, acquiring the adult alias of "Bill Eagle", he seemed to lose interest in the kind of thorough plotting that had fueled his reputation as "Philip T.

The Budding of Brie (1980)

Allow me to take you back to the humble beginnings of the Dirty Movie Devotee.