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Prisoner of Paradise (1980)

Ironically, I happened to catch this campy, Nazi-flavored fornication fest at the old ABC theater in Brussels, still standing proudly in the face of video, DVD and what not in late 2012, in its all too fitting German-dubbed version once upon a long ago distributed by Krautcore giant Beate Uhse, proclaiming it had finally been allowed for that country's belated release !

A History of the Blue Movie (1970)

Clearly the standout compilation of early "stag" footage, the only competition worthy of consideration probably being Bill Osco's comparatively all over the place Hollywood Blue. It contains all those fabled favorites that once only saw the insides of brothels and affiliated "gentlemen's clubs" you may have just heard or read about.

Garage Girls (1982)

A change of pace for the late Gary Graver, taking a break from his big budget blockbusters for producer "Harold Lime" aka Ted Paramore that included the award-amassing likes of The Ecstasy Girls and Amanda by Night, this qualifies as a throwback to the sort of farcical frolics concerning plucky flocks of female friends waging professional bat

Danish Pastries (1973)

Abolishing all cinema censorship ahead of their Swedish neighbors, Denmark opened the floodgates for skin and sin to run rampant on local movie screens.  Not safely ensconced, away from prying pubescent eyes, on a separate sex film circuit as other countries were quick to adopt, but playing first run theaters on their towns' high streets to boot, a trend the Danes didn't bother to disconti

All About Gloria Leonard (1978)

It makes perfect sense that the sexual showcase devoted to the woman who gained notoriety for her much quoted quip that the difference between erotica and pornography lay in the lighting would have the finest production values of the entire Evart carnal canon, with warm hazy colors glorifying Gloria's already advanced age for adult of 38.  This cavalcade of profile pics, invariably produce

Getting Lucky (1984)

The late lamented Paul Vatelli, who passed away from an AIDS-related illness just as he was hitting his creative peak circa 1986, frequently favored story over sex with several of his most lauded movies like Bodies in Heat, Stiff Competition and Sorority Sweethearts thusly constructed that their naughty bits could easily be toned down for ready

Body Love (1977)

Probably the most widely heard adult film of all time, Body Love has been known primarily as a best-selling soundtrack album (to a movie few confessed seeing) by ex-Tangerine Dream electronics whiz Klaus Schulze.

Veil of Blood aka Vampire Ecstasy aka The Devil's Plaything (1973)

Making his way back to home soil following the extended Scandinavian sojourn that yielded the landmark likes of Inga, Daddy, Darling and Young Playthings, Joe Sarno got sidetracked into the Swiss alps by distributor Chris Nebe who had made a mint dubbing and distributing several of the director's '60s sexploitation efforts in G

Easy (1978)

The late Sam Weston, brother of popular screen comedian Jack (yes, of The Ritz and Dirty Dancing fame), and one of countless Hollywood personalities to shroud his Judaic background - né Samuel Weinstein - will forever be remembered as imitation Italian American adult "auteur" Anthony Spinelli.  Something of a transitional title in

Flash (1981)

Destined to remain a footnote in the annals of adult, San Francisco's Jack Genero burst onto the West Coast scene in the flurry of overcompensatory excess which characterized sexploitation's last gasp as softcore simulation was pushed to its very limits in the face of full color penetration.  Reluctant to show penis entering pudenda, the industry resorted to knives puncturing soft female f