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People (1978)

Playing like a series of rough draughts for skits that didn't make it into his 1977 epic "circle of life" sexathon Odyssey (ominously subtitled The Ultimate Trip), à la Disney's perpetual "work in progress" Fantasia, Gerard Damiano's People has too often been casually dismissed as a m

Delicious (1982)

The prolific yet somehow still elusive Bill Milling's fantastic follow-up - in his classy "Philip Drexler" incarnation - to his widely admired A Scent of Heather is a delightfully naughty adult adaptation of Disney's Mary Poppins.  And, yes, to all you purists out there, I am aware that P.L.

Visions of Clair (1977)

At first glance an unholy hybrid of grind-house thrills with art-house frills, Visions of Clair bears the dubious distinction of being the sole skin flick handled by erstwhile adult industry giant Cal Vista to actually lose money, following its disastrous theatrical run with a hermetic second life on VHS.

A Sweet Taste of Honey (1976)

A key figure in the evolution of French erotic cinema, the late Max Pécas has unflinchingly unveiled the curves of Continental cuties like frisky Fraülein Elke Sommer (in both Daniella by Night and Sweet Ecstasy) since the dawn of the '60s.  It's a measure of the local adult industry's fleeting flirtation with respectability, brought on by a bu

Expectations (1977)

Trust adult's most accomplished "auteur", the late great "Anthony Spinelli" a/k/a Sam Weston (né Samuel Weinstein and brother of beloved comedian Jack), to point out the pitfalls in a hypothetical only-in-the-movies situation mainstream traditionally mines for laughs : two people from very different walks of life switching places willingly or otherwise.

Sometime Sweet Susan (1975)

Since time immemorial, the adult film industry has been suffering from low self-esteem. How else explain continued efforts to emulate assets more readily associated with mainstream movies rather than their unapologetically smutty counterparts or reviewers' disproportionate praise for same ?

Scoundrels (1982)

The first of the intimistic explorations of male menopausal angst director "Cecil" Howard and his regular screenwriter Anne Randall collaborated upon, thematically followed by Snake Eyes, Dangerous Stuff and Star Angel.

Dueling Travelogues : Bon Appétit Vs. That Lucky Stiff

Ah, that elusive moment in time, surely never to be recaptured, when adult movies began flaunting production values over sexual content in an ultimately vain attempt to compete with conventional cinema's cash cows !  As the turbulent decade that was the '70s drew to a close, esteemed erotic "auteur" Chuck Vincent and his what was then euphemistically described as "longtime c

Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street (1976)

Though eclipsed in notoriety by the late Claude Mulot's Pussy Talk (a/k/a Le Sexe qui Parle), which actually preceded it and is therefore often cited as starting point for the charting of French fuck film history - if you want to get totally technical, Ellen Earl was the first actress graphically penetrated on Parisian screens in Lucien Hustaix' silly yet spect

The Love-In Arrangement (1981)

This fastpaced fuck film farce represents the sole directorial credit for one illustrious "Charles Larkin" who - judging by the degree of professionalism on display - just might be another of those mythical Hollywood players "slumming it".  Taking style and casting choices into account, the latter making for something of a moot point as all NY pornogra