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A Girl's Best Friend (1981)

Like some of Chuck Vincent's best movies (Misbehavin' and Games Women Play in particular) and his own Devil in Miss Jones Part 2, this delightful Ron Sullivan (a/k/a "Henri Pachard") comedy classic represents a reasonable approximation of the sophisticated wit Radley Metzger brought to his legendary The Opening of Misty Beetho

800 Fantasy Lane (1979)

One of the relatively rare "real" female directors (as opposed to male filmmakers employing gender bender aliases) in pornography, Svetlana's main claim to fame has always been her ability to discover hot new girls, many of whom went on to industry stardom. Indeed, quite a few carnal critics seem to think that was her sole saving grace.

Purely Physical (1982)

This unassuming little sleeper may be the finest contribution the late Chris Warfield (a/k/a "Billy Thornberg") made to the carnal canon. Like so many Golden Age filmmakers, he had his roots in '60s sexploitation cinema, producing Corey Allen's notorious Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio starring the infamous Ilsa herself Dyanne Thorne.

Expose Me Now (1982)

A Jack of all trades within adult industry confines, performing anything from script supervision to sound editing as well as probably providing sandwiches on set, Joe Sherman graduated to directing with a mere handful of puerile but undeniably pleasant porn comedies akin to the late great Gerard Damiano's attempts at same with the likes of Deep Throat, Meatball

The Grafenberg Spot (1985)

Their tabloid-tempting existence on the verge of inspiring plentiful passionately perused biographical accounts, including (but not limited to) John Hubner's Bottom Feeders and David McCumber's X-Rated which in turn inspired the TV novelty showcase Rated X for real life siblings Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, the Mitchell Brothers returned t

Sleepy Head (1973)

When the book is written, Joe Sarno will take his rightful place as one of three sexploitation Sires of the '60s, alongside Russ Meyer and Radley Metzger, every one of them pushing the porn envelope in his own unique manner and paving the way for the explicit explosion that was to take place over the upcoming decade.  Said evolution, questionable perhaps to the more pruriently prudish of a

The Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace (1982)

One of the late Ron "Henri Pachard" Sullivan's most criminally underrated efforts, this veritable gem of a movie apparently got lost in an all-consuming slipstream of contemporary carnal classics to his name that includes the likes of Outlaw Ladies, Sexcapades and The Devil in Miss Jones Part II to reference but a few.

3 A.M. (1975)

Making his entry into the explicit arena as sexploitation was rapidly going out of style, one of the prime purveyors thereof, the late Gary Graver a/k/a "Robert McCallum" parlayed his professionalism honed through many years of gainful employment in various capacities (most prestigious of which being as cinematographer capable of turning often severely compromised circumstances to art

Mystique (1979)

Flawed but fascinating, Mystique offers a rare opportunity to witness the relentlessly morose universe of the late Roger Watkins of Last House on Dead End Street infamy, filtered through the sensibilities of another filmmaker. In this case Roberta Findlay, resorting to her male alter ego of "Robert W.

Midnight Desires (1976)

Sole reason why real world recognition was withheld from Shaun Costello, when so many of his carnally creative contemporaries such as Gerard Damiano, Chuck Vincent and Alex de Renzy were welcomed to the fold of legitimate cinematic achievement, is that for the longest time none save perhaps the staunchest of sex fiends even realized that his body of work sprang forth from the same fertile, deli