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The Opening of Misty Beethoven Collector's Edition 2 DVD set :o Dries Does a Double Take

When the late hardcore historian cum fornication filmmaker Jim Holliday, who was to reanimate a stagnant sex industry through his longrunning not to mention increasingly labyrinthine Sorority Sex Kittens saga, published his deceptively concise 1986 Only the Best, aptly described as an "adult video almanac and trivia treasury", he had pai

A Thousand and One Erotic Nights (1982)

Reluctant to revisit their explicit exploits to this day, team in life as well as labor Edwin and Summer Brown crafted several of the more successful attempts at the so-called "couples film", that mythical beast born to break down barriers between the sexes.

Through the Looking Glass (1976)

Much has already been written about this truly one of a kind oddity, often by adventurous auteurs with little affection for and therefore, perhaps understandably, a lack of affinity with porn, giving both a fresh perspective while still "missing the point" to some degree.

The Filthy Rich (1980)

Straddling the fornication film fence between hetero and homo hardcore ever since his 1972 gay porn classic Falconhead, it took talented filmmaker Michael Zen some two decades to gain the recognition he richly deserves.

Alexandra (1983)

Directed with amazing assurance by frustratingly uneven Tim McDonald (whose best work includes Talk Dirty to Me Part 2 and the heavy duty personal favorite Play Me Again, Vanessa) and lavishly produced by legendary lust luminary David Friedman, Alexandra represents an unusually ambitious approach to porn this comparatively late in the day, a sm

Girls on Fire (1984)

Passed on producer Ted Paramore aka "Harold Lime", whose credits stretch all the way back to the earliest days of sexploitation cinema with 1960's cornerstone nudie cutie Not Tonight Henry, stood for integrity and loyalty within an industry not always associated with such qualities, forming fruitful affiliations with filmmakers like Richard "Ramsey K

Pleasure Palace (1979)

 If not the best (his considerably more erotic 1977 Jail Bait takes the cake in that department) then at least by far the best-plotted of Carter Stevens's not quite A-list efforts, Pleasure Palace benefits tremendously from a solid script by the director and "Al Hazrad" (actually Al Goldstein's assistant editor Richard Jaccoma, going som

China Sisters (1979)

This solid Sam Weston sleeper ranks, apart from his better-known and more widely available Portrait of Seduction, as the only other film to star the incredible Vicky Lyon (who had tentatively started out in a non-sex capacity on Bob Chinn's minor Love Slaves), then wife of reliable porn performer Turk Lyon and allegedly a "proper" actress if

Talk Dirty to Me (1980)

Universally acclaimed as late lamented fornication filmmaker Sam "Anthony Spinelli" Weston's crowning achievement, Talk Dirty to Me ranks in my personal top 5 for the director, vehemently vying for top spot with the likes of Sex World, Nothing to Hide, Easy and The Dancers.

Love You! (1979)

When is a porn film NOT a porn film ?