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The Violation of Claudia (1977)

Cutting his teeth trying to break into the movie-making business, Bill Lustig had performed all kinds of technical duties on adult film sets, usually for "Uncle" Peter Savage, most notably his notorious 1977 Sybil send-up Sylvia.

The Trouble With Young Stuff (1977)

Most renowned and rightfully revered for his superlative soft-core sex films from the '60s and '70s, the late Joe Sarno would also churn out a considerable amount of "stronger" features as mucky movie houses moved away from the simulated stuff towards the full color penetration of hardcore.

Aunt Peg (1980)

Contrary to most of her peers, for the late Juliet Anderson (who passed away in the early days of 2010, aged 71) the choice to bare all for the benefit of adult cinema audiences arrived late in life, when she possessed both the maturity and the levelheadedness for this to be a conscious decision rather than a dire predicament.

White Fire (1976)

This intriguing adult oddity has slowly but steadily garnered a considerable fan following over the years.

High Rise (1973)

Perhaps it was only a monumental streak of bad luck that kept New York native Danny Steinmann from achieving the kind of genre greatness bestowed upon Wes Craven and Bill Lustig to name but two of the most striking career trajectories leading from humble hardcore beginnings to gory glory.

Rings of Passion (1973)

A few choice ingredients, such as its foxy female cast and their infectious enthusiasm for all matters intimate, effectively elevate this modest one or two day wonder above the murky masses of early '70s storefront programmers.

Extra ! Extra ! Hindsight : Richard Pacheco's Autobiography Hits the Newsstands !

HINDSIGHT : True Love & Mischief in the Golden Age of Porn

by Howie Gordon aka Richard Pacheco

Published by BearManor Media, Albany

Wanda Whips Wall Street (1982)

The overall best of DoP par excellence Larry Revene's all too scant directorial output, Wanda Whips Wall Street should pacify once and for all those prickly protesters who want a complete storyline and mainstream level production values in addition to sex that is both graphically explicit as well as searingly erotic.

Careful, He May Be Watching (1987)

Respected adult actor Richard Pacheco's single stab at directing, this cute carnal confection's enough to make one wonder why he failed to pursue this new source of employment now that he was getting a bit long in the tooth to drop trou on camera.  Just kidding, Howie !  He knows I love him.  At the risk of damning with faint praise, Careful, He May Be Watching (

Expose Me, Lovely (1976)

One of adult's finest excursions into classic film noir territory,  peopled by down at heel gumshoes and shady dames with hidden agendas, that had its Hollywood heyday throughout the '40s.  A bit of a backhanded compliment perhaps as porn rarely made much of an effort to recreate the genre's uniquely downbeat universe fueled by the cynical moral flexibility found in the writi