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Some Distribpix Archive artifacts.....

Besides the wonderful film elements in our archive we have also collected some interesting tools and machines used to edit, process and work with film, throughout the golden age of adult filmmaking. Some of this equipment was used for many years by Joseph Sarno, and he did much of his own edititng with the moviolas and the flatbed, not shown.

Surrounded by FILMS...literally

Over the last several years, we have tried our best to archive our entire library of 16mm and 35 mm film negatives/prints, as well as organize and digitize thousands of images from the vault. It seems like it will never end, but we are making progress. I have seen many film archives and I am sometimes amazed at how sloppy and careless many film collections are kept.

Whatever happened to Jonas Middleton

So some more news has surfaced about mysterious diretor of one the greatest cult classics of all time, Through The Looking Glass.

Returning to the Locations of Pamela Mann

To properly breakdown the greatest adult films ever made, one must keep an open mind, and not necessarily stear away from things that may seem, ' not that interesting'.

David Friedman dies at 87..... another huge loss for film fans

As most of you already know, legendary film maker David Friedman died on Monday. I was fortunate to get to meet Dave on several occasions, mainly when he came into NYC to meet with my father, as they were very friendly and fond of each other. My father would also travel to Alabama, and they had some good times together.

The First Step in Film Restoration

So you've just uncovered an archival master element to one of your favorite films, you are so excited and can't wait to get to the nearest telecine so you can transfer the film and get it re-stored. There are so many wonderful film labs spread out across the United States, but chances are that you will still have to ship your elements to the lab.

Harry Reems- Legend!

Harry Reems is one of the most recognized names from the golden age of porn, Harry Reems (aka Herb Stryker) was probably best known at first, for his starring role alongside Linda Lovelace in Gerard Damiano's Deepthroat and all that came with that legendary event.

XXX Ephemera

There are literally hundreds of thousands of original XXX and cult movie ads, that ran in national news papers throughout the 70's and 80's and even around the world. We have hundreds of them and we know that there are many of you out there that have some great old school ephemera, please feel free to share!

'Joy' a great XXX classic

Joy (1977)Directed by Harvey Mansfield, Starring Sharon Mitchell, Jake Teague and R.Bolla

John Leslie, a true legend

I have thought about John every day since his passing, even if  just for a moment, I am still blown away from this past year, losing a few of the greats...Jamie Gillis, Joe Sarno and most recently John Leslie. I did get to meet with him a few times at AVN while he was working for the Evil Empire.