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The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Single DVD Version- 2k scan
2k scan from original negative. PLUS: theatrical trailer, slideshow & 2 sided box cover!

Misty Beethoven - Collector's Edition 2 DVD Set
Hard & Soft Versions, 2k scans, Commentary Tracks, Bonus Extras!

The Adult Films of Bill Lustig
Both films scanned in 2k from original negatives. PLUS: commentaries, trailers, & more!

Wanda Whips Wall Street
2k scan from 35mm print. PLUS: commentaries, HD interview, slideshow, & more!

50GB Dual Layer, Stunning HD, Director Commentary, Behind The Scenes Feature, Bios!

The Naughty Nurses Double Feature (Head Nurse/Nurse-Made) DVD
HD Film Transfer from original negatives. PLUS: trailers, slideshow, 2 sided box art!